Social Science workshops

Historical literacy and contested narratives 

Ka mua, ka muri: Walk into the future with a secure knowledge of the past.

This workshop offers opportunities for teachers of social science in Years 9 and 10 to develop subject-specific literacy strategies in the context of contested narratives in Aotearoa New Zealand history. It also offers support for teachers of Years 7 and 8 to develop and extend their teaching of the social sciences curriculum through a history lens.

This workshop aims to inspire teachers to consider how the literacy taught in and through social sciences can support their ākonga in reaching the new, more rigorous NCEA literacy requirements on the horizon. It seeks to explore the strands of literacy, the new Aotearoa NZ histories draft curriculum and the draft literacy standards for teachers to weave into the effective teaching and learning of social science.

The course is based on strategies that Renee has used in her own classroom that have had a positive impact on her students’ ability to read critically and to communicate complex thinking clearly and with insight. 

Learning outcomes

In this course, we will learn to teach our students how to use literacy skills to think like historians, including:

  • How to teach our ākonga to read historical texts critically.
  • How to teach our ākonga to create texts to communicate their knowledge and understanding of historical ideas. 

What to expect

An exploration of the Aotearoa New Zealand histories curriculum’s ‘Do’ strand, including strategies to support students to think like an historian and to communicate their insights with clarity, including:

  • critical reading strategies
  • writing to communicate key historical ideas
  • engaging with differing perspectives in historical sources
  • making judgements about people’s actions in the past. 

Who this course is for

  • Intermediate teachers.
  • Teachers of Social Sciences in Years 7-10.

Your investment: cost and time

This course costs $660 per person + GST.

This course spreads over two terms with approximately four weeks between PLGs to provide opportunities for teachers to trial approaches and strategies, whilst also maintaining momentum. The course consists of:

  • one full day 9:30 – 3:30
  • two ninety-minute online PLGs and
  • one three-hour face-to-face PLG




15 February 2022

9:30 – 3:30


15 March 2022

90 mins - TBC


3 May 2022

90 mins - TBC


7 June 2022

9:30 – 12:30


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Social Science workshops - Auckland | 15 Feb | 15 Mar | 03 May | 07 Jun

Tuesday 15 February - Tuesday 7 June,
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