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Lin Avery - PLD Consultant - Auckland

The Board of Trustees employed Lin Avery to advise and work alongside us in the process of employing a new principal for our school. Lin came in with a schedule, calendar and a complete process.

Adrienne has been very professional and thorough in all her work in the school. She has been part of a process of change that could not have occurred without her input as a facilitator.

Mary Chamberlain - Company Director

Mary’s breadth of expertise and versatility have been vital to the project. She has guided us through the abstract pedagogical principles, given savvy advice on our design processes and the best use of experts...

Jacqui Clayton - PLD Consultant - Upper South Island

Our work with Jacqui has supported our school to make great progress in developing coherent instructional programmes for teachers and students.

Steve Edwards - National Manager - PLD Services

I really appreciate your support with all of this. Yesterday was a great day, full on but very effective and an eye opener for me. It was great to have you come in and support me around the rooms.

Rather than come to us with a predetermined path of PLD delivery, Joy has been able to react to what evolves from our discussions and support us from that point.

Aroha Heaslip - Kaitakawaenga/PLD Consultant - Tauranga

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aroha this year with regards to the Progress and Consistency Tool Professional Learning and Development our Kaahui Ako required. I found her to be incredibly professional, easy to work with and knowledgeable.

Susan Heeps - PLD Consultant - Auckland office

Our vision for science has changed – not in a box now. It is more about possibilities. A spark has been ignited. Teachers are seeing science situated across the curriculum.

Brent Langford - PLD Consultant - Christchurch office

Brent has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He worked hard to build positive relationships with me and my lead team. He is a great listener and as a result has been able to tailor a programme that exactly met our needs.

Ben Laybourn - Evaluative Systems Leader

Evaluation Associates provided an invaluable and unique 'outside the school' perspective and allowed us to step back and see the wider impact of our decisions. Ben's insightful questions ensure our intended decisions and actions are thoroughly critiqued.

Julie Luxton - PLD Consultant - Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Julie Luxton's support has been indispensable. Her great depth of knowledge, her sincere friendliness and always going the extra mile, make her such a pleasure to work with.

Trish Manson - PLD Consultant - Auckland office

I am much more thoughtful and proactive about my leadership practices, I now observe and give feedback with confidence. Trish has built a respectful relationship and modelled leadership practice continuously.

Janet McCarroll - PLD Consultant - Auckland office

Janet has worked with our leadership team, teachers and school in an absolutely personalised and professional manner.

Deirdre McCracken - PLD Consultant - Christchurch office

I have greater clarity about my role [in leading teacher learning] and that of the Heads of Learning and how to engage them in PLD. A long-term plan to develop school-wide areas of weakness in teaching, and leadership and my own role, is emerging.

Wendy Moore - PLD Consultant - Auckland office

Our evaluator, Dr Wendy Moore, has helped us realise the true benefit of our programmes for boys in schools through her professionalism and wide ranging experience in the education sector.

Jo Moy - PLD Consultant - Auckland office

Thank you again Jo for collaboratively guiding us forward, having the patience and empathy with all staff members, and being honest yet constructive. I personally felt that everyone who was touched by your influence was empowered and maintained their dig

Megan Peterson - Business Development and Innovation Manager

Megan has supported our leadership team as we have been going through the process of launching Teaching as Inquiry in our school. Megan is skilled when asking reflective questions and has been integral in helping us shape a programme ...

Allan Powell - National Manager - PLD Services

Thanks so much for last week. We [senior leadership team] have said several times how beneficial it was and how much professional wisdom we gain from you.

Anne Purves - PLD Consultant - Team Leader - North Island

Anne is an outstanding Leadership and Assessment facilitator. With her help we have made significant progress in improving the quality of teaching and learning at our school.

Rose Stanley - PLD Consultant - Christchurch office

Rose has been instrumental in ensuring that we stayed focused on accelerating our students. She has provided our team with the knowledge and expertise required to ensure sustainability for the future.

Julia Scott - PLD Consultant - Wellington office

It has been fantastic working with Julia this year. Her friendly attitude puts people at ease, making it easy to discuss all aspects of learning and development with her.


“Anyone who has the good fortune to attend a workshop facilitated by Melanie Riwai-Couch will take away a kete of rich and relevant learning.

Mel Stopford - PLD Consultant - Team Leader - South Island

Mel has the ability to engage staff and work with them to encourage deep thinking and reflection on current practice. Her respectful manner and bubbly personality have ensured staff enjoy working with her.

Ruth Tate - Kaitakawaenga/PLD Consultant - Team Leader - North Island

Working with Ruth on assessment and teaching as inquiry has resulted in accelerated progress for our students. The teaching as inquiry process is now well embedded in our school.

Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday. The staff really got a lot out of it. It will make the introduction of the tool next year so much easier for everybody.


"Working with Evaluation Associates for the two years focusing on Assessment for Learning has been our most successful PLD project to date."


"How lucky am I? I’ve managed to learn from two sets of inspirational courses with Barbara-Anne based on the AtoL programme."


"We worked with Evaluation Associates in 2013 and 2014, with Brenda Weal as our facilitator."


"Really was all helpful. Some things we are on track with, others we are not."


"Excellent. Great having someone with real knowledge and background in the product."


"Barbara-Anne Alexander is an inspiring educational facilitator who is passionate about helping teachers to help students in their quest for continuous learning."


""Barbara-Anne has been instrumental in the development of our teachers’ professional capabilities in the area of assessment for learning."


"[I wish to acknowledge] the significant contribution EA and the AfL platform have had in our successes this year."


"Over the past three years, Barbara Anne Alexander has been facilitating the most successful 'Leadership and Assessment' Teacher Development that our school has ever experienced."


"Supportive facilitation for the lead team."


"Ian has facilitated professional development that teachers have responded to with interest and enthusiasm."


"Jody was the perfect fit for our school."