Beginning Principal Mentor(s)

Location: All regions

We are seeking current practising principals to register their interest in being a mentor for a beginning principal. It is expected that mentors will provide support to beginning principals in their local area. The mentors will work in conjunction with the leadership advisors to provide a strong network of support for these principals. Please find below the role description and person specifications.

Regional management groups will meet once a term to review and confirm the mentor lists in each region.

Beginning Principal Mentor Role Description

Person Specifications

The mentor will:

  • Be a current practicing principal.
  • Have previously met the requirements of an experienced principal within the Primary, Area and Secondary Principal Career Structures.
  • Have evidence of having lead a successful school.
  • Have a sound understanding of school system requirements such as Novopay and Ministry of Education requirements including planning and reporting.
  • Have strong networks with local principals’ groups and local services such as the local MoE advisors and NZSTA.
  • Be confirmed as a mentor by the local regional management group consisting of local principal associations, Ministry of Education and Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga representatives.

Role Responsibilities

  • The mentor will act as the first point of contact and sounding board for the principal for day-to-day queries and issues that arise.
  • The mentor will maintain regular contact with the beginning principal to provide timely support.
  • The mentor will work with the local leadership advisor to form a strong network of support for the beginning principal.

The mentor will enable the beginning principal to:

  • Raise issues in a timely way
  • Fulfil their day to day management role
  • Build a sound working knowledge of school system requirements e.g. Novopay, charter requirements, student achievement reporting, roll returns.
  • Connect to local support services for principals and online resources
  • Connect with local principal networks and professional learning groups

Key Working Relationships

The mentor will sustain positive and collaborative relationships with:

  • The beginning principal(s) they are mentoring
  • The leadership advisor leading the support for their mentees
  • Other mentors, particularly in their region

Key tasks

The mentor will undertake the following work in fulfilling this role:

  • Meet the beginning principal in person within the first term of being assigned their mentor to ascertain their capacity in the day-to-day management of their school and the support required
  • Complete the Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga day-to-day management checklist to assist in identifying focuses for the support and to inform our work at a local and regional level.
  • Use the Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga term checklist to guide timely support around day-to-day management on a term by term basis
  • Develop ongoing support for the beginning principal(s) through a mix of phone and skype calls and approximately one on-site visit per term
  • Provide feedback to the principal on their progress in their day-to-day management of the school
  • Engage in mentor development meetings
  • Provide a report once a term to the leadership advisor using the Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga report form outlining the support provided to the beginning principal(s)
  • Submit an invoice once a term to Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga from the mentor’s school for the term’s financial acknowledgement of $250 plus travel expenses
  • Inform their own Board of Trustees of their work with the beginning principal to contribute to their current or future request for affirmation of meeting the criteria for a Leading Principal within the Career Structure

To apply

To register your interest please send a one-page letter outlining your suitability for this role and the location you are able to mentor in to