Accelerating learning

Many schools around New Zealand have evidence that shows they are accelerating students’ learning. We profile some of these schools here. Stories are organised by theme, and linked to relevant assessment information that shows learning progress over time.

We welcome stories of success.

Please contact us if you would like to share your school’s story.

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Keeping the learning visible - Stonefields

Keeping_the_learning_visible_2 Find out how school leaders, teachers and students at Stonefields School keep learning visible, and put the locus of control in the hands of learners.

Personalising and tailoring - Stonefields

Keeping_the_learning_visibleTeachers discuss how they support students to set realistic goals, provide multiple opportunities to learn and ensure invisible students don’t slip through the gaps.

"Our parents know where we are and can help us learn" - Stonefields

Our_parents_know_where_we_areTeachers' planning and each student’s progress against reading, writing and maths progressions are available for parents online.

Everyone’s a teacher and everyone’s a learner - Stonefields

Everyone_s_a_teacher_and_everyone_s_a_learner_hereTeachers deliberately model being learners and model collaboration with each other. Students learn by collaborating with their teachers and with each other.

Squeezing the learning juice - Stonefields

Squeezing_the_learning_juiceSchool leaders and teachers discuss maximising learning time and helping students 'squeeze the juice' out of that learning time.

Authentic Learning - Stonefields

Authentic_learningStudents at Stonefields School spend 20% of their week on pursuing their passions. Teachersand students believe that this fosters and embeds deep learning.

Using the language of learning and welcoming error - Stonefields

Using_the_language_of_learning_and_wlecoming_errorStonefields school leaders discuss learning strategies that help students solve problems they don’t know the answer to. Their learners do not wait for the teacher to advance their learning.

Students understand how they learn - Stonefields

Mia_explains_the_learning_processMia explains how she learns by building knowledge, making meaning and applying understanding.