Our company

Evaluation Associates Ltd is an independent education consultancy company.

We have provided high quality professional learning and development to schools for over 20 years. Our focus is always on improving school leader and teacher practice in ways that have a demonstrable impact on student achievement. 

The company is directed by Michael Absolum, Mary Chamberlain, and Anna Sullivan. Michael and Mary are both recognised for their outstanding contribution to the education community in New Zealand and to the literature on quality teaching and learning. 

Our third director and CEO, Anna Sullivan, is an experienced education leader and professional learning and development specialist who has had a broad range of roles in education nationally and internationally.

All our consultants are educational professionals, well respected across the sector for their knowledge and skills, and for the results they help schools achieve.

Our beliefs

For us it is all about student learning. We take on work only that we think will genuinely support learning. We hold ourselves to account by the difference we make in schools; it is important to us to know that the work we do makes a difference and is able to be sustained after we leave. We’re not just after short-term fixes, but long term impact.

Given our name, it is probably no surprise that we think that evaluation is pretty important. We strongly believe in using data and evidence to inform teaching and learning, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the work that we do in schools.

We have worked extensively in assessment for learning for many years. Even though it has been around for a long time, there is still much we can do to really harness the effectiveness of the strategies and approaches that make up assessment for learning.

We believe that quality facilitation of professional learning and development is essential if we wish to achieve the impact we all desire. We know that just being a great teacher doesn’t automatically make someone a great facilitator, so we invest considerable time and energy into training new facilitators into their role. This includes open to learning leadership training as these practices are fundamental to our approach.

We are very comfortable working with school leaders and boards of trustees at a strategic level, but we also believe it is crucial, for professional development to be effective, that we spend time in classrooms. We know, from tracking evidence about teacher and student shifts, that the greatest changes occur when teachers are supported in the classroom with their students. This is most commonly through observations and practice analysis conversations, and working with leaders to ensure that they can develop those skills too.

Our way of working

  • We start by listening to ensure we understand who you are and what you want to achieve.
  • We work with you to carefully analyse your current situation and what needs to happen for you to get the results you want.
  • We design support that fits your needs and your budget.
  • We monitor how the support is working to ensure that we are all on-track and that you achieve your goals.

This model of in-depth support works!

Evaluation Associates offers you a new way of working:

  • A way of working that understands and supports schools’ determination to raise student achievement.
  • A way of working that builds stronger relationships for learning in the school and community.
  • A way of working that builds on schools’ current knowledge and leads to sustainable improvement.

Contact us now and begin building a relationship for learning.