International consultancy


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade contracted Evaluation Associates to undertake a review of the effectiveness of performance incentives in education aid. This review included examining relevant support modalities and the use of performance incentives in education aid.


The Ministry required a significant analytical paper to be completed in a relatively short timeframe so we quickly assembled a top team to help us complete the project. The team, led by Mary Chamberlain, included Rob McIntosh, Robyn Baker, and David Glover. We also asked Matthew Morris, a leading economist from Australia, to expand our thinking by providing us with a view from outside the education sector at our initial design stage. 

The depth and breadth of the knowledge and experience in the team we assembled, and the collaborative way we worked with MFAT staff enabled us to deliver a high quality draft report in eight weeks.


The framework we developed has now been shared with MFAT staff working in countries across the Pacific. These staff report that they are finding the framework useful in helping them to analyse where education support can be best invested to improve student outcomes.


"The team went well beyond simply reviewing the existing literature to creating a framework for analysis which drives better targeting of current and future investments."

Frances Kelly              

Principal Development Manager, International Development Group

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade | Manatū Aorere