NZ Teachers Council appraisal workshops


Evaluation Associates was asked to deliver professional learning and development on teacher appraisal, on behalf of the New Zealand Teachers Council, in partnership with InspirED ECE, Haemata Ltd and The Education Group Ltd. The workshops supported education leaders to build their knowledge and confidence in appraising teachers against the Registered Teacher Criteria.


Our directors, Michael Absolum and Mary Chamberlain, worked with the partner associations to develop and deliver appraisal workshops throughout New Zealand. The professional development, running from the beginning of 2013 to mid-2015, was available to leaders in English and Māori medium Early Childhood Education (ECE) and schooling settings. It involved workshops and follow-up Professional Learning Group (PLG) activities using webinars and on-line resources.

This was a longitudinal project designed to give leaders time to work with teachers to reflect on, refine, redevelop and/or expand appraisal processes. Project participants were required to attend workshops, participate in a professional learning group meeting between each workshop, and undertake inquiry into the effectiveness of appraisal processes within their kura/school or ECE.


Responses from participant evaluations of the project indicated a high level of overall satisfaction, from both early childhood and school settings. Most reported making (or having plans to make) significant changes as a result of participating in the project. Participants reported that they will be doing things differently as a result of the project. The differences for most participants included:

  • review and revision of school management practices to simplify and streamline processes, including the use of digital platforms
  • increase in staff taking personal responsibility for their performance
  • increased awareness and use of RTC and Tātaiako
  • more effective goal setting
  • shift in focus onto learning and learners