CPL Leadership and Assessment PLD



From 2011 to 2016, Evaluation Associates partnered with The University of Auckland as the Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) to provide leadership and assessment professional learning and development to primary, intermediate and secondary schools in three out of four MoE regions across New Zealand. We did this on contract to the Ministry of Education. Our director, Michael Absolum, was the national project leader. Over the duration of the project, our consultants worked with over 200 schools to support them to improve leadership and assessment practices.


Evaluation Associates consultants used their expertise to work alongside schools and kura to:

      • strengthen the capability of senior leadership teams (SLT) to focus on educational processes and leadership practices
      • strengthen the capability of teachers to focus on assessment, inquiry and effective teaching and learning
      • focus on accelerating progress of all students and particularly the Ministry of Education priority learners

We used the archway of teacher and student capabilities developed in Clarity in the Classroom, written by Michael Absolum, as a tool within the professional learning to define and measure shifts in classroom practice.

You can find some of the resources we use in our Resource hub here.


Careful and systematic evaluation of results over the time of the contract shows that our consultants helped over 80% of the schools we worked with to accelerate student achievement. This particularly includes MoE priority students who have traditionally not thrived in the education system. We are justifiably proud of our track record in helping schools and students, and in our insistence on being held to account through ongoing and systematic evaluation of our practices and subsequent results.

Want to find out more leadership and assessment PLD?

Schools interested in Leadership and Assessment PLD should now contact Evaluation Associates directly. You can talk to one of our MoE-accredited consultants to develop a programme tailored for your school. The professional learning may be eligible for MoE funding, on application.

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