e-asTTle professional learning and development


Evaluation Associates is contracted by the Ministry of Education to provide e-asTTle training and support across New Zealand. We have been doing this since 2011 so our facilitators have the experience and expertise to provide the right advice and guidance on this widely used assessment tool.


We work closely with the Ministry of Education to plan and provide appropriate e-asTTle support for teachers, leaders and schools. Professional learning and development is offered in a number of ways, including workshops across the country and individual support for schools. The workshops planned for 2020 are:

  • e-asTTle Writing
  • e-asTTle Reading and Maths
  • Beginner’s guide to e-asTTle (online

Our facilitators develop workshop resources and make them available on our website for further teacher professional learning and) development.

The individual support is flexible to needs, and may include phone or online conversations, e-mail or in-school support.

The e-asTTle Service Desk uses our expertise to respond to complex e-asTTle queries through a Request for Support process.

We are also involved in the maintenance of the e-asTTle website on TKI, through our contract with Assessment Online.


We evaluate the impact of our work through participant surveys. Collation of these tells us that the satisfaction level with the support that we offer is very high. A good understanding of e-asTTle is required to use the tool effectively, so we work hard to ensure that the leaders and teachers come away with the depth of knowledge they need.


"The facilitator was engaging and made us all feel welcome. Happy to answer all questions big or small."

"It was very informative, approachable and we were given the time to practise and have a go, as well as any questions were answered."

"I enjoyed that everything was put simply and it was easy to understand. It was a friendly environment where you felt you were able to share your views and understandings without being judged."

"Information was presented very clearly and concisely. It was the perfect balance of information and practical application."

"The information centred around the well-being of the student. Pace and clarity were good. Plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive useful answers. There was an easy and even flow of dialogue between the facilitator and participants."

Various responses to post-workshop surveys