What's all the fuss about boys' literacy levels?

Why are our boys still the focus of school targets and CoL achievement challenges?

This workshop will focus on how we can let boys in on the “secret” of what happens when we read and write. Teachers and leaders will examine literacy processes that are often hidden or left unspoken and make them clear and explicit.

The workshop is full of practical ideas, strategies, skills and resources that will support teachers to make connections to their literacy programmes and to the opportunities for engaging learners, particularly boys, in literacy learning.

Locations and dates: Christchurch: Thursday 17th November

Time: Workshops will run from 1pm to 4pm.

Cost: $129 plus GST

A light afternoon tea is provided, as are all resources.

Facilitator: Joy Hawke

An experienced and expert facilitator, Joy has specialised in the area of literacy and was the South Island co-leader of the highly successful Literacy Professional Development Project. She’s also worked as a reading advisor, a tutor for LARIC and as a Resource Teacher of Reading. She is an executive member of the New Zealand Literacy Association.

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