Analysing and transforming data into evidence for schools and CoLs

Do you or your teachers need support to analyse and use your student data?

This workshop can support you to analyse your achievement data to enhance teaching and learning for your school or Community of Learning

In this full day workshop we support leaders and teachers with the analysis and use of achievement data within either Excel or Google Sheets, for teaching and learning.

You will learn how to:

  • ensure explicit and effective use of teaching as inquiry.
  • sort and organise data for ongoing tracking and monitoring of students.
  • organise and graph data.
  • calculate and make use of effect sizes, using your own school’s student achievement data
  • share data in a meaningful way and lead learning focused conversations with data and evidence.

Participants will require a basic understanding in the use of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.. This is intermediate to advanced level and does use skills covered in  the Data analysis for schools and CoLs workshop

Workshops run from 9am to 3pm.

Cost: $299.00 plus GST

Morning tea and lunch are provided, as are all resources.

If you're interested in having this workshop in your area, please email Ben Laybourn or call him on 027 641 7249.