Curriculum Progress Tools support 2018

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Curriculum Progress Tools support contract 2018

The Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL), a partnership between Evaluation Associates Ltd. and the University of Auckland, offers nationwide support for teachers and leaders of schools and Communities of Learning |Kāhui Ako through the Curriculum Progress Tools support contract in 2018.

Facilitators and school mentors will provide a range of support through a variety of delivery approaches. This support will assist in the effective use of the Learning Progression Frameworks and the PaCT to:

  • strengthen the understanding of reading, writing and mathematics in the NZ Curriculum
  • make dependable judgments efficiently
  • use reports to check student achievement in relation to established benchmarks
  • use progress reports to monitor the effectiveness of teaching and learning for all students.

CPL is able to provide three types of support for schools and Kāhui Ako:

Introductory workshops

These workshops will paint an overall picture of progress and progression within the New Zealand Curriculum through exploration of the Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF). They will show how the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) explores the opportunities students are being given within a school setting and provides guidance on what to notice and recognise in reading, writing and mathematics as schools track and monitor the progress of individual students. They will also show how PaCT can generate reports in relation to the progress students are making as well as create school and Kāhui Ako achievement profiles. 

Workshops are school and Kāhui Ako based. Dates, times and venues can be negotiated with a facilitator after registering your interest at

Data literacy and implementation support

Facilitators will work alongside school teachers and leaders to successfully implement the efficient use of progress tools in schools/Kāhui Ako. Implementation will consider:

  • curriculum design and the opportunities provided for student learning,
  • shared understanding of the frameworks and the breadth and purpose of reading, writing and mathematics in the NZC
  • making dependable, efficient judgments of student progress
  • effective analysis and use of the progress and achievement reports to monitor and inform the needs of students, school and Kāhui Ako planning

Mentor support

We can provide access for teachers and leaders of schools/Kāhui Ako to the expertise and insight of successful early PaCT adopters. Mentors will be able to provide advice, support and insight of how they successfully integrated the tool into their school.

Register your interest for support via email at and we will be in contact.