Curriculum Progress Tools support 2018

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Curriculum Progress Tools support contract 2018

The Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL), a partnership between Evaluation Associates Ltd. and the University of Auckland, offers nationwide support for teachers and leaders of schools and Communities of Learning |Kāhui Ako. CPL facilitators and school mentors can provide a range of support on the Curriculum Progress Tools through a variety of delivery approaches. This support will assist in the effective use of the Learning Progression Frameworks and the PaCT to:

  • strengthen the understanding of reading, writing and mathematics in the NZ Curriculum
  • make dependable judgments efficiently
  • use progress and achievement reports to check where students are in relation to curriculum expectations
  • use progress reports to monitor the effectiveness of teaching and learning for all students
  • provide clear and improved reporting of progress for parents/whānau

CPL is providing four types of support for schools and Kāhui Ako:

Existing user implementation support 

This support is specifically targeted at schools that have signed up with PaCT and/or LPF and are wanting further support to achieve full implementation (all three frameworks for all students). This support will use a ‘school champion’ model where nominated staff will receive support to build their capability and lead an action plan with the target of full implementation. This support will consist of three parts:

    • An initial 3 ¼ hour workshop to develop some key shared understandings and develop individual school or Kāhui Ako implementation plans
    • A follow up visit of up to 3 hours to check on progress and provide tailored support and advice
    • A 3 ¼ hour impact workshop that identifies implementation success, challenges and overall progress

Mentor school support can be provided in addition to this process if required. 

The initial workshops will take place in term one, visits will occur in term two and the impact workshop will take place either late term two or early term three.

Invitations to this opportunity will come out to existing user schools/Kāhui Ako during term one.

New user support

Schools or Kāhui Ako new to the tool will be able to access initial support to help get them on their way. Facilitators will provide:

  • an initial 2 hour introductory, on site, workshop for schools/Kāhui Ako new to the tool
  • a 3 ½ hour follow up visit to support the implementation leaders (1 ½ hours) and provide a workshop on an agreed focus (2 hours).

Mentor school support can be provided in addition to this process if required.

This support can occur at any time of the year. Register your interest for ‘new user’ support via email at and we will be in contact.

Transition from new user to existing user

Some schools receiving ‘new user’ support in the first two terms of the year will have the opportunity to have this followed up by moving in to the ‘existing user’ model in the second half of the year. This will mean a 3 ¼ hour workshop in Term Three, a 2 hour follow up visit late Term Three or early Term Four, and an impact workshop in the second half of Term Four.

Mentor support

As mentioned above, we can provide access for teachers and leaders of schools/Kāhui Ako to the expertise and insight of successful early PaCT adopters. Mentors will be able to provide advice and support, and insights about how they successfully integrated the tool into their school.

In addition to this support CPL will be working with local Ministry to help build sector capability. This will include:

  • liaising regularly with local Ministry
  • providing Lead Advisers, Education Advisers and Student Achievement Function Practitioners with the opportunity to attend workshops or in-school visits
  • providing regional workshops for Ministry personnel.

Please email if you have any queries about Curriculum Progress Tool support.