e-asTTle support

Is your e-asTTle testing as good as it could be? Are you getting the most effective use out of your e-asTTle results?

Make sure that your e-asTTle testing makes a real difference to teaching and learning.

Evaluation Associates holds the contract with the Ministry of Education to provide nationwide support for schools using the e-asTTle assessment tool. e-asTTle stands for Electronic Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning, and we work with schools to enable them to get the best out of the tool so that the results can truly enhance teaching and learning. Our facilitators have wide knowledge and experience of e-asTTle, having worked with hundreds of schools across the country to improve their e-asTTle knowledge and use.

The MoE-funded PLD for schools takes the form of workshops held at intervals in locations throughout New Zealand. In addition, there is some allocated targeted support for schools already using the e-asTTle tool. This is flexible to needs, and may include phone or Skype conversations, e-mail or in-school PLD, depending on circumstances.

For MoE-funded targeted support, please email info@evaluate.co.nz with a request for assistance.

Customised support

In addition to initial, ministry-funded support, Evaluation Associates is able to provide customised e-asTTle support to schools. We can offer individualised professional development to schools or Kāhui Ako that wish to maximise the potential of e-asTTle. This option provides an opportunity for you to learn and use the powerful functionality that e-asTTle has to offer in order to meet your specific needs.


We can help you use the tool to:

  • help set teaching and learning priorities
  • support teachers to group for needs
  • support students to develop learning goals
  • support schools to develop a culture of shared responsibility
  • contribute to overall teacher judgments for reporting to parents, boards and the Ministry of Education
  • assess value added
  • provide evidence for school review

Why work with us?

We have national leadership and expertise in the e-asTTle tool

We are recognised leaders in assisting schools to use e-asTTle assessment to enhance teaching and learning.

Improvements in student achievement

Our work with hundreds of schools has helped them use e-asTTle to make improvements in student progress and achievement.

Responsiveness to your needs

We recognise that no two schools have the same needs. With you, we'll work to design e-asTTle support that is just right for your school.

Skilled facilitators with expertise in

We have over 20 highly-skilled consultants experienced from primary to secondary. We'll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.


"Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday. The staff really got a lot out of it. It will make the introduction of the tool next year so much easier for everybody.

It was a great mix of theory and practical and we really appreciated the way you approached it from a needs-must "what will work best for us" perspective."

Sandy Thomas - Redcliffs School

“Very satisfied. Garry is very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent. Great having someone with real knowledge and background in the product.”

“It was a great workshop in that it was to practise and analyse data related to e-asTTle. All questions were answered and I now have a contact if I need support. Many thanks for the course. Very useful.”

“Very satisfied. Very clear delivery. Took into account all the comments and questioned posed at the beginning of the session. Very good. Calm approach, well scaffolded.”

“Excellent. Very personable and knowledgeable about teaching and learning.”

“Very satisfied. Well covered given very diverse group of teachers - different expertise, types of schools, and reasons for being there.”

Various responses to post-workshop surveys