Assessment Online TKI


Evaluation Associates is contracted to provide assessment advice and expertise for Assessment Online TKI, the leading Ministry of Education website for teachers. We work with our partner CORE Education to maintain and enhance the site to provide resources and assessment advice for the education community.


We work closely with the Ministry of Education to provide the assessment support needed by the schooling community. We write and develop key content on the site. Our facilitators have worked on Assessment Online since 2008, from its initial development as a new TKI site to its current status as the go-to site for assessment advice and guidance. They have been instrumental in the development of such resources as the assessment for learning pages, the Assessment Tool Selector, the Using Evidence for Learning pages and the resources to help schools and teachers improve their capability in reporting to parents and whānau. Recently, we have developed assessment resources to support teachers after the removal of the necessity to report using National Standards. These include the Assessment and Reporting Guide and the Leading Local Curriculum Guide Series - Assessment for Learning. Debra Ryan is our current key person. All queries to Assessment Online are answered through our office. We are also involved in the maintenance of the e-asTTle website on TKI, through this contract.



Analysis of traffic on the site shows that it is well used by educators from within New Zealand and around the world. That Evaluation Associates has held this contract for such a length of time shows the faith that the Ministry of Education has in the expertise and advice given, and the resources developed.