“What an incredible privilege it is to work amongst some of New Zealand’s finest educators and thinkers.”

Anna Sullivan

Chief Executive and Company Director

  • Accredited facilitator for MoE-funded PLD
  • CoL Expert Partner

Anna has been the chief executive of Evaluation Associates since April 2015. She oversees the strategic direction of Evaluation Associates, one of New Zealand’s leading education consultancies.

Anna is an experienced education leader and professional learning and development specialist, having had a broad range of roles in education nationally and internationally. She came to Evaluation Associates from Cognition Education and has previously worked for the Ministry of Education. Anna has led large professional development teams and previously held the establishment management role of the professional development consortium Te Toi Tupu. Anna has developed education programmes for Visible Learningplus that are delivered internationally and she has had responsibility for quality assurance and the training of international consultants. She has a keen interest in evaluation and quality assurance and has had a focus on both of these in a number of her past roles.

Anna has worked as a professional development consultant specialising in the area of school leadership in New Zealand and the Middle East. Anna’s teaching background is in primary and intermediate education and she has also worked in secondary schools. She was an assistant principal of a full primary school for a number of years.

Anna’s focus is on ensuring that professional learning and development is highly effective, so that all students have a high quality, well-rounded education and are actively involved in owning their learning. She has a strong focus on quality and ensuring that professional learning and development achieve the desired outcomes.

Outside of work, Anna loves travelling overseas, catching up with friends and family, good food and wine, and getting out and about and enjoying all that Auckland and the rest of New Zealand has to offer.