Debra Ryan

PLD Consultant - Wellington office

Debra works as an education consultant, previously out of our Auckland office and now out of our Wellington office after her recent move to Masterton. She works with schools in the following areas:

  • Assessment for learning
  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Mentoring and coaching school leaders and leadership teams
  • Supporting schools with e-asTTle
  • Facilitating Ministry workshops around the regions to support teachers to make overall teacher judgements for national standards

Debra’s key roles in the company include facilitating the Leadership and Assessment professional learning and development and supporting schools in their understanding and use of a range of standardised assessment tools. She’s incredibly well regarded by schools who work with her, and her available time is always in high demand.

Debra is an experienced educator who has worked in the primary sector as a classroom teacher and a team leader. She has also held lead teacher roles in mathematics and in integrated curriculum and assessment.

Debra has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from Christchurch Teachers' College. She recognises that the world of education is forever changing and ensures that she keeps up to date with what is at the forefront.

Debra is actively engaged in the Asia New Zealand Leadership Network and is currently a member of the network’s advisory group. New Zealand’s connection with Asia is important and, through her role with the network, Debra has worked to strengthen these connections through ensuring language learning and cultural awareness are taught and recognised in the classroom.

Schools that Debra has worked with recently are:

  • Glenfield Intermediate School
  • Wesley Intermediate School
  • Hay Park School
  • Wellsford Primary School