"Only education has enough collective power to make things better. Teachers have the most important job in the world.”

Adrienne Carlisle

PLD Consultant - Auckland office

Accredited facilitator for MoE-funded PLD - See Summary of practice

Adrienne works with secondary schools to develop their assessment for learning and leadership capabilities, providing theoretical learning and practical support for classroom teachers, middle managers and senior leadership teams. She also provides skilled support for schools in the use of the e-asTTle assessment tool and the analysis of student achievement data. 

Adrienne’s background in secondary English teaching, and her writing and editing skills, have led to her long-term role as facilitator for Assessment Online on the Ministry of Education network of websites, Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI). This involves researching and writing content, editing all material and on-line communication. The emphasis is on clarity and accessibility.

She also maintains responsibility for the company website, and has a key role with the company to provide editing and quality assurance. She has an abiding interest in language and literature and an unshakeable confidence in their educative value.

Adrienne is an analytical thinker who is at ease with both abstract ideas and their practical application. She sees her role, in all its facets, as helping schools to translate the accumulation of educational policy and research into practice and so support them to improve teaching and learning. 

Away from the office, Adrienne likes to read and to talk, and spends some time thinking about exercise. 

Schools that Adrienne has worked with recently are:

  • Pinehurst School
  • Whangarei Girls' High School
  • Mahurangi College


“Adrienne has been very professional and thorough in all her work in the school. She has been part of a process of change that could not have occurred without her input as a facilitator.”

Principal– Secondary school

“Open minded and approachable and allows the opportunity for all in the group to contribute.”

“Fosters a collegial environment.”

“Knows when to push and when to support. People never see her advice as judgmental or threatening and are willing to experiment.”

Secondary school HoDs