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Open-to-Learning Conversations

The ability to have effective Open-to-Learning Conversations, sometimes referred to as Courageous Conversations or Learning Conversations, is critical for exercising influence and mobilising others to achieve shared goals.

When school leadership teams are trained to understand and engage in open-to-learning conversations, there is likely to be a significant impact on the learning outcomes of students.

We can support leaders at all levels of the school through coaching, modelling
and role training to:

  • provide effective feedback to teachers on their practice
  • develop a strong theory for communication which builds relational trust in the school
  • examine the gap between the theory and their practice
  • apply the theory in real situations, especially in those conversations which they
    find difficult.

One-off courses seldom result in deep understanding and lasting change. Our facilitators are trained extensively and can take you beyond understanding of the theory to skilled application and practical competence that will make a difference.

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