Assessment for Learning – workshop series

A fundamental of learning that shapes an effective Innovative Learning Environment is assessment for learning (OECD, 2012)

Are your teachers inquiring into increasing learner agency in their classrooms in 2020? Assessment for learning is integral to student-led learning.

Or do you wish to induct new staff into the use of effective AfL practices?

Build on the assessment for learning capability of your staff.

Assessment for learning remains at the heart of effective pedagogy – there is no other proven practice that results in creating active, engaged life-longer learners who make greater progress and achieve better outcomes.

This is a series of three whole-day workshops. The series will take participants through the key principles of assessment for learning providing an overview of the student and teacher capabilities that promote learning-focussed relationships and student agency, outlined in Clarity in the Classroom (Michael Absolum, 2006).

Clarity in the Classroom_1The series is ideal for all teachers and leaders who wish to further their understanding and use of assessment for learning. This may also be useful for teachers new to schools which have embedded formative practice, or beginning teachers who wish to deepen their understanding.

The workshops are full of practical ideas and resources which support the theory and principles of assessment for learning. Between each workshop, you can engage in online, small group coaching with our skilled facilitators to focus on an aspect of assessment for learning practice. There will be sufficient flexibility in the workshops to address current assessment issues relevant to participants.

All workshop participants will receive their own copy of Michael Absolum’s Clarity in the Classroom.

"This course has helped me bring the focus back to the 'learning'. We get caught up in the day to day teaching that we forget sometimes 'why' we are in the profession. Making those links with our learners about our expectations and the 'why' we are learning, 'what' we are learning and 'how' do we know if our learners are attaining the knowledge we give out. Also learn the importance of co-construction and making the learning the forefront of our core business."

Due to COVID-19, we are moving these workshops to an online platform. If you are interesting in registering for these please contact us.

There are no workshops available for registration at this time. Please check back later