Key readings

Clarity in the Classroom

Clarity in the Classroom_1Clarity in the Classroom, written by our director Michael Absolum, is a key resource not only for our facilitators but for many in the New Zealand education community. Leaders and teachers find it useful for explaining clearly and simply, with examples, the principles and practices of formative assessment. They particularly appreciate the practical suggestions and strategies for establishing learning-focused relationships with students and developing effective classroom practice.

Clarity in the Classroom is published by Hodder Education 2006. A United Kingdom edition was published in 2009 and a North American edition in Canada in 2010.

You can order it from Education Resource Centres around the country. Some schools have purchased a copy for each of the teachers on their staff as an essential teaching resource.

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National Standards - not one test, not one day, not one classroom

by Brenda Weal and Selena Hinchco

This article discusses the use of evidence from student work in technology to inform Overall Teacher Judgments for National Standards, using the example of Jack, a Year six student. It describes how he uses reading,writing and mathematics in technology and outlines how evidence of his learning is used by his teacher when making an Overall Teacher Judgment. Download the article >

Student Engagement in the Middle Years of Schooling (Years 7-10):
A Literature Review

by Robyn Gibbs and Jenny Poskitt

Find out more about student engagement and the relationship between academic engagement and student achievement. What can teachers do to raise levels of student engagement within their classes and schools? This MoE-commissioned report focuses on years 7 to 10. Read more >