Authentic Curriculum Redesign

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Thursday 22 March, 4pm to 6pm
Location to be advised

Grow Waitaha receives many requests through their Navigators for support around redesigning curriculum.

  • How do we go about this in ways that capture student, community, teacher and leadership voice?
  • What needs to change ... and why? What does the current research say?
  • How do we create a truly authentic curriculum that is responsive to our students?
  • How do we all contribute to this review in ways that ensure we all have collective ownership?
  • Do we need to change our curriculum - are we positive there is a need to change?

This forum will provide many opportunities to talk together and learn with and from the collective wisdom in the room. The Grow Waitaha team will highlight some of the key research to challenge thinking while also responding to these questions and the others you'll bring with you. We will also hear from one school who have spent the last two years reimagining what is possible and putting the systems and processes in place to enable the vision to flourish into every day learning. 


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