e-asTTle workshops - MoE funded

Need some extra support with e-asTTle?

We offer a range of MoE funded e-asTTle workshops to help teachers get the most out of this assessment tool.

If the workshop you are looking for is not running in your area of the country, it may be possible to organise an extra workshop if there is sufficient interest within the local community. Please contact info@evaluate.co.nz for further information.

The essentials of e-asTTle for reading and mathematics

Develop a sound knowledge of how best to use the e-asTTle tool to assess reading and mathematics.

Introduction to e-asTTle writing

Learn how the tool works and look at test creation, test administration, marking and report interpretation.

Marking e-asTTle Writing with confidence

Not sure about your e-asTTle writing results? We can support your teachers to mark with confidence and accuracy.