Curriculum Progress Tools (LPF and PaCT) support for 2018

The Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF) and Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT), are significant tools that enable a focus on curriculum progress. 

The LPF supports teachers’ understanding of progress. It describes, through annotated illustrations of student work, the significant signposts students move through as they develop their expertise in reading, writing and mathematics in years 1 to 10. The frameworks illustrate rich teaching and learning activities in everyday classroom programmes, and prompt teachers to notice what students know and can do.

Using the frameworks of the LPF, PaCT provides a dependable measure of achievement that can be used to track student progress. It synthesises teachers’ judgments on aspects of reading, writing, and mathematics to generate a score for individual students which can be displayed in relation to the levels of the New Zealand Curriculum. This makes the progress and achievement of students visible, alongside curriculum expectations, and supports reporting to students, parents, families, whānau, and Boards of Trustees. Together, the two tools provide valuable support for teaching and learning.

The Consortium for Professional Learning, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, wishes to extend an invitation to attend a professional learning opportunity in your region for LPF and PaCT. As these workshops coincide with some exciting progress features and reports that will become available in October, we will take the opportunity to share these enhancements with you.

All Curriculum Progress Tools (LPF and PaCT) workshops are free to attend.

Term 3 workshop structure

We are pleased to offer two workshop options during the day. The workshops will offer something for everyone, from experienced users to those considering using the tool. If you wish to attend, please choose the appropriate session based on the information below.

Morning session: 9.15am – 12.15pm (3 hours)

Target audience

New users or those interested in learning more about these tools.

Workshop objectives

The morning session will enable those attending to:

  • develop a good understanding of the purposes, principles and structure of the Learning Progression Frameworks and Progress and Consistency Tool.
  • hear some of the wisdom and experiences from schools currently using the LPF and PaCT, including implementation processes.
  • learn about recent and upcoming tool enhancements and consider their potential

Afternoon session: 1:30pm - 3:30pm (2 hours)

Target audience

Current users of the tool or those that have already received introductory training.

Workshop objectives

The afternoon session will enable those attending to:

  • discuss ways of implementing and using the tool with schools currently using the LPF and PaCT
  • explore recent and upcoming tool enhancements and consider their potential in relation to current use
  • consider and share implementation and sustainability processes that have been successful

Term 3 workshop details

We have recently added new locations and workshops in your region. Each of these locations have a morning session and an afternoon session. 

*Please note, the Auckland workshop on September 26th will have two 'new user' sessions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon, finishing up at 4:30 pm. There will be no 'current or existing user' session in Auckland on that day. 

All workshops are free to attend. 

Contact us at for more information. To begin registering for a workshop, please choose your region from the dropdown. 

There are no workshops available for registration at this time. Please check back later