Communities of Learning (CoL)

Are you a newly appointed across community or within school teacher as part of a CoL, or are you thinking of applying?

We offer tailored professional learning to empower teachers to lead effective adult learning that impacts positively on student achievement

Evaluation Associates will offer tailored workshop support for CoLs in 2017 to support you to:

  • develop capability and confidence to lead the learning of colleagues (within your setting and across schools/ECE centres in your CoL)
  • foster a deep understanding of what is best practice when leading the learning of adults, and the implications of this for your role
  • develop an understanding of the values and practices of learning-focused conversations when engaging with adult learners
  • build a repertoire of strategies and processes to engage adult learners
  • practise some of the strategies back in your own context and reflect on the process
  • establish wider support networks through developing collegial relationships within the group (learn with, from and on behalf of others.).

Evaluation Associates facilitators are highly skilled at tailoring workshops in response to the needs of the participants. The workshops will be flexible and responsive so that they are relevant to your needs and those of your CoL.

Find more information here about the services we offer to CoLs or contact us at  

We are also able to provide Ministry-funded Expert Partner support in your CoL – find more details here on our website.