Leadership Advisors - Auckland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Waiariki and Wellington

Evaluation Associates Ltd is a dynamic, friendly New Zealand-wide company with recognised expertise in a range of education consultancy services. We are looking for three highly motivated, confident and capable educational leaders with the skills to support principals/ngā tumuaki to impact positively on student outcomes.


In term 2 2017, 21 leadership advisors commenced work nationwide, primarily focused on beginning principals/ngā tumuaki and other principals as capacity allows. These leadership advisors are employed by Evaluation Associates through a Ministry of Education funded initiative. In each region the work of the leadership advisors is supported by a regional management group made up of representatives from Evaluation Associates, the regional Ministry office and local principal associations.

The opportunity

Evaluation Associates is looking to recruit further Leadership Advisors to support the service in Auckland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Waiariki and Wellington. These appointments will be fixed term contracts which will run until 31st December 2018. While we will consider applications from those who wish to be less than 1 FTE our preference is for people either full-time or close to this. The capabilities required and key tasks are outlined in the job description. In summary, the successful applicant for this role will:

  • have recent successful school principal experience in New Zealand schools or kura, with a preference for recent successful experience in Tai Tokerau
  • have a disposition and demeanour which quickly garners principals' trust and confidence
  • have effective facilitation knowledge and skills
  • have a strong commitment to supporting schools to raise achievement for every student
  • have a strong commitment to supporting beginning principals/ngā tumuaki to achieve success in their new role
  • have a strong commitment to supporting experienced principals with targeted and tailored support
  • be open to learning and growing professionally
  • be a team player – with the ability to collaborate with the wider team of leadership advisors, the Ministry of Education and local principal groups
  • be a clear communicator (oral and written)
  • have the ability to coach leaders in their leadership inquiries and to effectively problem-solve when issues arise
  • be a highly competent IT user – including the use of standard tools such as Word and Excel – and also have the ability to quickly pick up new technologies
To apply

To submit your application, please email your CV and cover letter to Paul George at paul@insiderecruitment.co.nz. We would recommend you phone Paul to confirm receipt of your application on 09 913 0170. The closing date for all applications is Friday 8th September, 2017. Please note we require a full CV and the important following information detailed in your cover letter:

  • Your current location
  • The region that you are applying for
  • We will consider applications from those who wish to be less than 1 FTE. If you wish to be less than 1 FTE then please state this clearly, describing your preferred FTE (e.g. 0.8 FTE)
  • The date you will be available to start.
  • The names of two referees, preferably school principals in your region and, where possible, a beginning principal you have mentored previously. Please describe the relationship you have had with each referee.

In your covering letter please provide information about how you meet the key attributes outlined in the job description including, in particular, evidence of your own success as a principal and your experience in coaching and mentoring others as education leaders.

Job Description

Responsible to: Diane Manners

Office Location: Home Office

Geographical Area for Facilitation: as specified

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assist with delivery of the contracted services as a Leadership Advisor with a focus on beginning principals and tumuaki. This will involve working with principals and tumuaki predominantly in the Auckland region
  • Provide targeted and tailored support for beginning tumuaki and principals, meeting their individual needs
  • Set up and maintain the regional support network for beginning principals and tumuaki
  • Support other principals and tumuaki where capacity exists as prioritised by the regional management group
  • Support the principal / tumuaki mentorship aspect including being involved in the selection and assignment of mentors
  • Contribute to the cross-regional work of the leadership advisors team and provide advice and support to the leadership team
  • Take an active role in ensuring that the services of support are appropriate and meets the needs of all beginning principals, and where appropriate for tumuaki, Māori principals in either medium or principals who have responsibility for Māori-medium settings as part of their wider school/kura.

General Responsibilities

  • To provide exceptional quality education services to New Zealand schools and kura.
  • To work in ways that further the vision and growth of Evaluation Associates
  • To actively seek opportunities to develop additional business and promote the work of our organisation and colleagues.
  • To contribute expertise to and learn from the wonderful Evaluation Associates team
  • To work positively with principals and tumuaki in schools and kura and make a real difference to ākonga.

Key tasks

Support for individual beginning principals/tumuaki
  • Coach the beginning principal/tumuaki to identify their areas for development and growth as a leader
  • Meet with the beginning principal/tumuaki on a regular basis, usually twice a term to review progress and plan next steps, and also as needed by the beginning principal
  • Assist beginning principals/tumuaki to understand the difference between governance and management
  • Support each principal/tumuaki to determine their theory for improvement
  • In conjunction with the beginning principals/tumuaki, assign mentors to them
  • Provide testament that the principal/tumuaki has actively engaged in support in order to meet the requirements of the Career Pathways Progression
  • Encourage beginning principals/tumuaki to select relevant professional learning sessions at national hui and participate in regional hui sessions
  • Explicitly follow up with the beginning principal/tumuaki after the regional and national hui to identify how to get the most out of the various sessions attended
  • Assist beginning principals/tumuaki to access other support people and groups including NZSTA, unions, Ministry of Education, ERO, Māori parents and community, Te Runanganui o ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori, Ngā Kura ā-iwi, and their local  Māori community
  • Contribute to the collaborative development of resources
  • Provide information to the team leader and the national coordination team about the needs in the region and how these needs have been supported
  • Be on duty up to one day and evening per month to respond to Skype, email or phone calls queries of a just-in-time nature on the establishment of a help desk
  • Meet with other Leadership Advisors on a regular basis in person and through electronic forums

Set up and maintain the regional support network for beginning principals/tumuaki

  • Support systems for knowing when new principals have been appointed so that induction support can be provided
  • Coordinate with the team leader termly regional management group meetings
  • Organise, along with your team leader and regional colleagues termly one-day regional hui for beginning principals
  • Organise along with your team leader and regional colleagues two one-day regional hui for principal/tumuaki mentors
  • Provide coordinated support as appropriate for common needs (running clinics, setting up sessions etc)
  • Provide evaluative data to the team leaders for the information of the regional management group and national network
  • Provide support to the national network in areas of expertise

Supporting other principals/tumuaki as prioritised

  • Provide targeted and tailored support for the principal/tumuaki around their identified area of need
  • Meet with the principal/tumuaki as required to review progress and plan next steps
  • Coach the principal/tumuaki to identify their areas for development and growth as a leader
  • Assist the principals/tumuaki to access other appropriate people such as union and NZSTA reps, Ministry advisors, local Māori communities and iwi.
  • Establish regional Professional Learning Groups as appropriate
  • Provide networking learning opportunities for groups of principals/tumuaki as prioritized by the regional management group


  • Facilitate an appropriate, supportive and enabling approach to guiding principals/tumuaki, underpinned by the principles of open to learning
  • Use a mana enhancing approach when working with principals
  • Maintain records and produce evidence based reports for the team leader to support reporting to the Ministry of Education, regional Principals' Association, the New Zealand Principals' Federation and other organisations as required
  • Be a highly competent IT user – competent with standard tools such as Word and Excel, and also the ability to quickly pick-up new technologies (with a team working across New Zealand, use of online meetings and collaborative documents / online tools will be commonplace).

Advisor Capabilities

  • Ability to create open and honest relationships based on high trust and professional ethics
  • Provide a service that is culturally appropriate, tailored and responsive
  • Expertise in coaching leaders through an inquiry process
  • Use critical inquiry and evaluative skills to develop and critique advisory practice
  • Disposition which quickly garners principals’ trust and confidence
  • Commitment to building ability to conduct all relationships and communications to be consistent with ‘open to learning’ theory
  • Written communication skills are accurate, well-constructed, evidence-based and provide the level of detail required (e.g. data reports, evaluation)
  • Communicate respectfully and clearly
  • Self-management and organization (meeting accountabilities and deadlines, attention to detail in all aspects of accountabilities)
  • Support principals/tumuaki in terms of
    • learning about Māori community educational aspirations and how to work with the community to achieve those
    • understanding their role in the Māori community, including Māori community expectations of the principal/tumuaki
    • supporting Māori learners to achieve their potential—culturally, academically, linguistically
    • supporting Māori teachers in ways that recognise their unique position and contribution to Māori student outcomes
    • promoting the unique proposition of a kura and Māori-medium settings

Evaluative capabilities

  • Explicit use of evidence-based inquiry and knowledge-building cycle, modeling this practice for beginning principals/tumuaki to follow
  • Ability to link educational theory to practice
  • Draw defensible conclusions from evidence and make recommendations for improvement
  • Able to read and interpret school data and appropriate technical reports

Educational knowledge capabilities

  • Knowledge and understanding of best practice, pedagogy and current research in the area of school leadership and the principal/tumuaki as leading learning
  • Ability to work within a model of distributed leadership that supports staff leadership of curriculum and enables Boards to fulfil their governance roles
  • Ability to coach beginning principals/tumuaki to understand and implement leadership strategies that will lift outcomes for all students and improve the rate of progress for Māori and Pasifika students, English language learners and students with special needs
  • Knowledge of how to support beginning principals/tumuaki to build effective educative partnerships with parents and whānau and school communities that impact positively on student achievement
  • Ability to support beginning principals in building effective professional relationships with the Board of Trustees and its Chair
  • Knowledge of NZ education system and key policy documents such as, Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, National Standards, Ka Hikitia, Pasifika Education Plan, Ministry statement of strategic intent, ERO documents and key web based resources such as TKI 

Assessment capabilities

  • Knowledge of Assessment for Learning (AfL) theory (including understanding the capabilities described in Clarity in the Classroom - Absolum, 2006)
  • Knowledge of assessment systems - ability to support schools to evaluate their current processes for gathering, analysing and using evidence at all levels, including assessment schedules, National Standards and Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori, reporting to parents/BOTs

Leadership capabilities

  • Ability to demonstrate capability in all six evaluation indicators within the ERO School Process Indicator Domain 2: Leadership of conditions for equity and excellence
  • Ability, knowledge and understanding of Kiwi Leadership for Principals and Tū Rangatira which enable tumuaki and principals to bring these documents to life through their every- day practice
  • Ability to help leaders use the inquiry and knowledge-building cycle to improve achievement and sustain effective practices
  • Ability to maintain strong networks with principals, tumuaki, the Ministry and other support organizations
  • Understand the regulatory requirements of school leaders and support the beginning principals/tumuaki as they take on their new roles and responsibilities in relation to managing schools and staff, and leading learning and to manage their workloads
  • Experience in using Ministry of Education self-review tools with school leaders in order for the beginning principals to establish areas for review and development
  • Support beginning principals to understand how to implement current government policy in a way that will improve student achievement outcomes