Our history

Evaluation Associates Ltd is an independent education consultancy company

We have provided high quality professional learning and development and assessment advice to schools and the wider education community since 1999. Our professional development focus is always on improving educational practice in ways that have a demonstrable impact on student achievement.

In 1999 Michael Absolum and Maggie Jakob-Hoff established Evaluation Associates Ltd, offering a range of evaluation and assessment related services. Maggie left in 2009 and Michael continued to direct the company, offering services to the education community. Michael is recognised for his long term contribution to the assessment community in New Zealand and to the literature on quality teaching and learning. In 2015 Michael was joined in directorship by Mary Chamberlain, who is highly respected nationwide for her deep knowledge of the education system and a profound understanding of teaching, learning and assessment.

In 2015, the company appointed a new Chief Executive. Anna Sulliv