e-asTTle professional learning and development


Evaluation Associates is contracted by the Ministry of Education to provide e-asTTle professional learning and development across New Zealand. We have held this nationwide contract since 2011 so our facilitators have the experience and expertise to provide the advice and guidance needed on this widely used and useful assessment tool.


We work closely with the Ministry of Education to plan and provide appropriate e-asTTle support for teachers and schools. Professional learning and development is offered in a number of ways, including seminars across the country and individual support for those schools already using e-asTTle. The seminars in 2015 covered the following topics:

      • The essentials of e-asTTle
      • e-asTTle – taking it to the next level
      • Introduction to e-asTTle writing

Our facilitators develop seminar resources and make them available on our website for further teacher professional learning and development.

The individual support is flexible to needs, and may include phone or Skype conversations, e-mail or in-school support. The e-asTTle Service Desk passes any queries on to us that involve using e-asTTle for teaching and learning.

We are also involved in the maintenance of the e-asTTle website on TKI, through our contract with Assessment Online.


We evaluate the impact of our work through participant surveys. Collation of these tells us that the satisfaction level with the support that we offer is very high. In order to use the assessment tool to its best effect, expertise is required, so we work hard to ensure that the leaders and teachers we work with come away with the depth of knowledge they need.


"Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday. The staff really got a lot out of it. It will make the introduction of the tool next year so much easier for everybody.

It was a great mix of theory and practical and we really appreciated the way you approached it from a needs-must "what will work best for us" perspective."

Sandy Thomas - Redcliffs School

“Very satisfied. Garry is very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent. Great having someone with real knowledge and background in the product.”

“It was a great workshop in that it was to practise and analyse data related to e-asTTle. All questions were answered and I now have a contact if I need support. Many thanks for the course. Very useful.”

“Very satisfied. Very clear delivery. Took into account all the comments and questioned posed at the beginning of the session. Very good. Calm approach, well scaffolded.”

“Excellent. Very personable and knowledgeable about teaching and learning.”

“Very satisfied. Well covered given very diverse group of teachers - different expertise, types of schools, and reasons for being there.”

Various responses to post-workshop surveys